Evaluating the risk exposure is the necessary first step financial planners take in developing recommendations for mitigating or eliminating the potential for loss. In the current economic climate, it is crucial to look at all avenues of risk when it comes to long-term financial planning. This exercise provides insight into a client’s financial situation and takes into account what vulnerabilities he or she may experience in the next few years that could impact financial stability.

This process is imperative to safeguarding you and your future, which Libra prioritises every step of the way.

When evaluating risk exposures, it is important to understand cash flow needs and cash reserves; the structure, liquidity, and marketability of invested assets; retirement assets and cash benefits; and the needs of financial dependents.

Our services in the risk evaluation analysis include the following: 

  • Protect assets
  • Protect cash flow
  • Protect against liabilities

Choose a partner that supports your future – choose Libra.